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The Greek Soul (English)

It's always difficult to set one moment for the birth of a nation. Nevertheless there are two horoscopes of Greece
which have been used and studied well and seem to work.
The first one (25th of May 1821) marks the beginning of the end of Ottoman rulership in the area and the first moment Greece was put back on the map. This horoscope describes in my opinion the Greek soul, the Greek identity and her roots.
The second horoscope dates from the 24th of July 1974, the start of the recent democratic Greek republic.
It seems to me this second horoscope shows us the momentarily state of Greece, the aims, the dreams of it's inhabitants. It shows us the way Greece is managed today. And how it is perceived.

Both horoscopes are hyperactive today!

25th of May 1821: 1st Greek Horoscope

The Greek history is full of trouble. From the fall of Constantinople on the 29th of May in 1453 Greece fell under
the rule of the Ottoman Empire of the Turks. This lasted many centuries. In 1821 Greek freedom fighters liberated
the Peloponese from the Turkish occupation. The city of Nafplion became then for some time the capital. Greece's territory was still very small at that time.

Due to lack of further information, the time for this horoscope is set at noon.
I therefor think it is wise not to put too much emphasis to the ASC, MC and the division of the houses.

greece 1822

If we are looking for ones identity, we look in the first place at the Sun. The Sun is in this horoscope in very close conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury: Greeks love to talk, to joke, to tell stories. And they can be quite philosophical. This conjunction might reflect the inheritance of ancient Greek philosophy too.

niki2Greek language and scripture had a hard time under the Ottoman occupation. It has been mainly the effort of the Orthodox church that its script survived: In churches and monasteries Greek writing and reading was taught to common people. (Sun/Mercury/Jupiter)

The strong occupation in Aries in this horoscope could indicate the fighters who liberated Greece from the Turks. Personally I don't experience much of the Aries energy in Greece. Yes, the Greeks can be macho. They talk quite loud and quite fast. If you are not familiar with them, they might seem aggressive, impatient etc., but still...

Interesting in this horoscope is the square between Sun/Mercury/Jupiter and Uranus/Neptune.
Uranus conjunct Neptune corresponds here with the freedom fighters and the Orthodox church who joined forces to defeat the Turkish enemy. Until today the Orthodox church takes a big part in Greek everyday life (Neptune).
It is an essential part of the Greek identity. So is her rebel spirit (Uranus). Greeks consider it a national sport to evade the law, to evade taxes, etc. Foreign interference is felt as something very negative.

Another national sport and social ritual is to smoke secretly with friends: Like in most countries, drugs are illegal in Greece. Until 1931 this wasn't the case, though. In many pubs you still can find old pictures of men smoking water pipe. Many Greek songs are about the use/abuse of drugs.
This too, we can lead back to the Neptune/Uranus conjunction in connection to the Sun.

Another Greek issue is the sadness of being far away from your loved ones and your country.
Being a naval nation, many men went to sea, while wives were being left behind. Permanent migration caused a lot of sorrow too. Last century a substantial part of the population moved abroad (to Australia, US and Germany). It is said that there are more Greeks living abroad, then there are living in Greece.
In 1923 more than a million people lost their home and family. Many songs were written then about this theme. Today those songs are still very popular.*

Sun/Jupiter/Mercury: foreign countries, travelling etc square Uranus/Neptune: freedom/the sea, losses.

Today Uranus in transit is in conjunction with radix Pluto and Pluto transits the radix Uranus.
Transiting Pluto makes a square with the radix Sun/Jupiter/Mercury. Transiting Saturn makes an opposition to the radix Sun/Mercury/Jupiter. Altogether this clearly describes the current crisis. Greece has arrived at another critical moment in her existence! Since this constellation will last the whole of 2010 we can be sure there is more to come.

*From 1919-1922 Greeks and Turks fought each other again. At the end of this war in 1923 the so called Megali Catastrophe took place: A compulsory exchange of populations of Turkey and Greece. At that time Turkey threw out approximately 1.100.000 Greeks, mainly from Constantinople and Smyrna. In return some 380.000 Muslims were being transferred to Turkey. Most of the Greeks from Turkey settled in the North of Greece, in and around Thessalloniki. Here they lived in great poverty. They had hardly taken more than their memories and their music from Turkey. In this environment arose the Rembetika, the typical Greek music/sound, and a subculture of the 'Mangas'. The atmosphere of the time resembles much the atmosphere in the work of Berthold Brecht.

The 24th of July 1974: the 2nd Greek Horoscope

Till 1946 the map of Greece kept changing shape. After World War II, a civil war followed. Then some years of democracy which ended abruptly in 1967 with a military coup and the colonels-regime. In November 1973 there was a big student revolt. Students occupied the Polytechnion of Athens. The riots last year took place in the same area in Athens as in 1973.

The 24th of July 1974 the dictatorship had fallen. From Paris, where he had lived in exile, Konstantinos Karamanlis was called back to Athens to lead the country. Karamanlis was sworn in the same day as prime minister. He led an interim government till the elections in November. Those elections Karamanlis won with his new party, the Nea Dimokratia and so he stayed prime minister until 1980. Until 1985 Karamanlis was president.

The moment we take for the horoscope of modern democratic Greece is 4:00 a.m., the moment Konstantinos Karamanlis arrived at the airport of Athens. He was welcomed by wild jubilation of a huge crowd.


In this horoscope the Sun is in Leo. Again it shows a fierce and proud nation. Again the Sun makes an connection to Neptune (trine) and Uranus (again square). Greece didn't loose her faith nor her extreme hang for freedom and rebellion since 1821.

kerkje GrJust as in the 1821 horoscope Venus and the Moon are making a square. In this horoscope the Moon is in exact conjunction with Pluto which shows us intensity of emotional issues. Greeks are very passionate. The prototype Greek mother is intense, protecting. In Greece it's still quite normal that children stay at home till they get married.
Pluto and the Moon are in the 4th house. Greeks can be very patriotic. They feel themselves in the very first place: Greek.

Ascendant in Cancer correlates with Greece's tourist industry. Tourism has been very important for Greece the last decades. It's been an important source of income and a very fruitful way for Greece to connect to the rest of the world. Greece is famous for her hospitality, good food, nice hotels, restaurants etc.

The Moon is ruler of the 1st house. She is conjunct Pluto. And debts are Pluto's area too. Pluto is ruler of the 5th house.
It isn't surprising Greece got into financial trouble by some 5th house activities: Olympic Games, Eurovision Song Festival.

This chart shows a very serious, passionate Mercury (Mercury conjunct Saturn/Venus square Moon/Pluto). It fits the mode of communication of the Greeks I know. A certain heaviness, thoughtfulness and emotional way of making conversation.

More about the 24th of July 1974 horoscope in: 'Greece, what's going on?'

February 2010 © Myrthe Sardjoe