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Greece, what's going on? (English)

It's noisy in Greece. And it's been already some years. First the Greek youth acted as if they had to redo the revolt against the dictatorship of '73-74 all over again. Only this time they aimed their rage at the right wing government, led by the Nea Dimokratia party.

Protests in the streets of Athens got out of hand. On the 6th of December 2008 the police shot a fifteen year old boy in Athens. This event was followed by nights of street fights between Greek youth and police. The police used so much tear-gas that they had to import new gas from Israel. Lots of shops were destroyed during the riots. Buildings were set to fire and molotovcocktails and stones were thrown. We have all been able to see the images.

In 2008 the Greek economy was already in trouble. Young people complained that they couldn't find jobs and didn't see any future for themselves. Lack of prospect motivated them to attend the barricades. Right now the national budget-deficiency has risen to 14%.

Below the horoscope of Greece with the transits on 11-2-2010.

greece feb

Uranus stands exactly at the MC. Uranus is ruler of house 8 and 9: The Greek problems get international attention. Uranus at the MC emphasizes the rebel nature of Greece. The revolts of the Greek youth: During the riots in 2008/2009 Uranus was already close to the MC and Saturn was approaching the IC. Uranus at the MC can be interpreted as Greece being an eccentric outsider within Europe.

Pluto transit makes right now an exact opposition with the Greek Venus. Venus stands for the financials of the country. Pluto symbolizes debts, loans. In the radix-horoscope of Greece Venus always makes a square with Pluto and the Moon. And Venus makes a conjunction with Saturn and Mercury in the radix too.
This could indicate that Greece had debts right from the start. This very moment Saturn makes an exact conjunction with radix Pluto and the Moon. Simultaneously Saturn makes an exact square with Venus.
In short this means: Problems, debts and shortages.

The whole astrological constellation indicates a very serious situation!

Saturn transit conjunct the Moon also shows the grief which surrounds this whole situation. Greece feels entirely alone with all her problems. A girlfriend in Athens said to me last night: “We are Europe's black sheep.” It appears that the Greek media carry the same message.

Saturn is ruler of the 7th house. Greece can count on strong criticism and severe demands from their EU partners in the upcoming years.

The Moon is also ruler of the 1st house. Because of this crisis, Greece is much restricted in her possibilities of expression. Major cutbacks are on the agenda. Transiting Saturn through the 4th house indicates: it's the common people who feel the crisis most. Families and Greek real estate will probably have to take the hardest blows.

Interesting too is the fact that Neptune and Chiron are transiting at the very end of the 8th house. In my opinion you can strongly feel the influence of the planets, right at the moment they are leaving a house or sign. Neptune has been in transit in the 8th house since April 1999.

The 8th house is about shared finances, pensions, unemployment benefits, taxes, debts, loans and subsidies. This might include the common European currency, the Euro.
Neptune gives cloudiness in these areas. Possibly fraud. Possibly too excessive idealism. Greece benefited tremendously from European subsidies. Probably the Greeks became accustomed to the extra income which those funds provided. Lately it's frequently mentioned that Greece pimped up her balances, to be able to join the introduction of the Euro at the 1st of January 2002.

To be continued...
February 2010 © Myrthe Sardjoe